Wounds are mostly seen among our diabetic patient group, although, they may also result in non-diabetics as a result of an injury or a infectious bug bite.  Dr. Khavari takes pride in providing wound care and enjoys healing diabetic wounds. Although at times this may be a long road for our diabetic patient population due to their improvised health, circulation, as well as certain foot deformities, the end result of a healed wound is extremely rewarding.  Wounds may be very challenging at times, and even result in an infection, in which case surgical debridement of the wound may be necessary. Other treatments include offloading of the wound area, as well as total contact casting in certain patients.  If a wound is left unattended, it may result in infection, gangrene and at times amputation.  The earlier a wound is professionally cared for, the better the end result will be and the less chances of the patient having to face an unfortunate amputation.

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