Deformed Toes

Deformed toes can cause significant pain and discomfort, making daily activities difficult. At Carrollton Foot Center, Dr. Lilly Khavari and her team offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment options for a variety of toe deformities. The evaluation process typically includes a thorough physical examination and radiographs to assess the structure and function of the toes.

Conservative treatment options are typically the first line of treatment for toe deformities. This may include the use of shoe modifications, taping and strapping, or physical therapy to help improve the alignment and function of the toes. For some patients, a combination of these treatments may be necessary to achieve the best possible results.

If conservative treatment fails to provide relief or the deformity is particularly severe, surgical intervention may be necessary. The specific type of surgery will depend on the underlying condition and the severity of the deformity. Surgical options may include hammertoe correction, plantar plate repairs, or other procedures.

At Carrollton Foot Center, Dr. Khavari and her team understand that every patient’s needs and goals are unique. That’s why they take a personalized approach to treatment, working closely with each patient to develop a customized treatment plan that addresses their specific concerns and goals.

Patients who seek treatment for toe deformities can expect compassionate care and expert guidance from the team at Carrollton Foot Center. Dr. Khavari and her team are dedicated to helping their patients achieve optimal foot health and function, so they can enjoy a more active and pain-free lifestyle.

Whether you are experiencing foot pain or discomfort due to a toe deformity or other condition, the team at Carrollton Foot Center can help. Contact their office today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the treatment options available to you.

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