Foot Pain

Conservative foot pain treatment at Carrollton Foot Center begins with a comprehensive examination of the foot and ankle, including X-rays to help determine the possible causes of pain. Once a diagnosis is made, we will recommend the most appropriate course of treatment.

There are several conservative treatments available for foot pain, which may include:

  • Oral medication to manage pain and inflammation
  • Physical therapy to stretch and strengthen muscles and ligaments in the foot
  • Orthotics or custom-made shoe inserts to provide support and cushioning
  • Injection therapy, such as cortisone injections, to reduce inflammation and pain

The choice of treatment will depend on the individual patient’s condition and the underlying cause of their foot pain. In many cases, conservative treatment can effectively manage foot pain and help patients avoid more invasive treatments.

If conservative treatment does not provide adequate relief, our team may recommend more advanced treatments such as surgery. Our experienced podiatric surgeons use the latest techniques and technology to perform a wide range of foot surgeries, including bunionectomy, hammertoe correction, and neuroma surgery.

At Carrollton Foot Center, our goal is to provide each patient with personalized care that addresses their unique needs and concerns. We work closely with each patient to develop a customized treatment plan that effectively manages their foot pain and improves their quality of life.

If you are experiencing foot pain or discomfort, don’t wait to seek treatment. Contact Carrollton Foot Center today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced podiatrists.

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