Diabetes Awareness Month

The month of November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and our team at the Carrollton Foot Center wants to kick it off right by talking about the top 3 myths of diabetes. As a prevalent disease, with two known types of diabetes that affect an accumulative 30 million people in the United States alone, diabetes is subject to speculation and rumors. Among all the different ideas that can spread due to misinformation and a lack of education, we’ve picked out the top 3 myths about diabetes that can make diagnosis especially difficult to process:

Diabetes Myth #1:

They put you on a boring diet once you’ve been diagnosed and you won’t enjoy food again. This is most definitely false! When you’re on a diabetic diet, you’re simply following similar (if not the same) guidelines from the FDA on how to nourish your body daily. We advise straying from foods marketed as diabetic dietary foods. These foods are often no different or better for you than other foods.

Diabetes Myth #2:

A high-protein diet is better for diabetic people than other diets. There are two falsehoods in this statement alone! A high-protein diet is not better for diabetic people, nor is any fad diet good for anyone to follow. The only diet you need is the one that is right for you and your body. High-protein diets have been linked to insulin resistance in diabetic patients, so stick to your balanced regimen!

Diabetes Myth #3:

Sugar and carbs are completely gone from your life once you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. Again, absolutely false! Sugar and carbohydrate intake simply needs to be limited and planned for in advance. Whole-grain starches are best since they are higher in fiber and digest slowly, and sugar can typically still be enjoyed in small amounts.

When it comes to being diagnosed with diabetes, looking closely at what you eat can help you avoid podiatric issues that diabetic patients are at a higher risk of developing, especially when uncontrolled. These can include non-healing ulcers and nerve damage. Call us today at (469) 998-3667 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lily Khavari in Carrollton, Texas.

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