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Two New Ways to Treat Toenail Fungus

Nail fungus, or onychomycosis, isn’t just unsightly – it can be painful and persistent, too. While traditional treatments can work, they often involve months of topical medications or oral antifungals. And frankly, they also tend to produce mixed results and potential side effects. Podiatry is a field that’s friendly to innovation, however. That’s why the […]

Custom Orthotics Cater to Feet of All Ages

Sometimes, we all need a little extra support to function. And when it comes to your feet, that’s especially true! Tired arches and aching heels don’t usually mend themselves, and leaving problems untreated can lead to further complications. This holds true for both our youngest patients and the senior citizens that we treat at Carrollton […]

Shockingly Effective: Non-Invasive RSWT Nixes Nasty Heel Pain

Heel pain can derail your day, and unfortunately, it can also be a stubbornly persistent problem. Typically caused by weakened or strained plantar fascia, untreated heel pain can spiral into further complications and become intensely painful. At Carrollton Foot Center, many of our patients have active lifestyles, so they’re eager to return to their normal […]

Lapiplasty Repair: Your Best Bet for Beating Bunions

When you’re out on the town or working in the office, you are more likely to wear high heels, flats, or loafers. And although fashionable footwear can make you look more professional and stylish, it comes with a cost. Unfortunately for your feet, these shoes are often too narrow, too high, or restrictive. They provide […]

How To Find Your Correct Shoe Size

Having your feet measured professionally is a good idea when shopping for shoes. As we age, our feet grow when the tendons and ligaments lose elasticity. The results are that the toes spread out, the arch flattens, and the feet become longer and wider. Using The Brannock Device This strange-looking metal device used to measure […]

Back-To-School Foot Care Tips

August is back-to-school month! Are you starting to prepare your kids for early mornings, homework, and fall sports? One of the best things you can do for your child’s health this school year is to start or continue prioritizing foot care. Here are some easy ways to include healthy feet in your back-to-school prep and […]

3 Top Tips to Keep Your Feet Safe at the Beach

Summer is here! What are your warm weather plans? A favorite for many is hitting the beach and enjoying the cool breeze, hot sun, and refreshing waves. But take care at the beach, because there are plenty of opportunities to injure your feet. Between hot pavement, walking barefoot in less than supportive footwear, and strong […]

Summer Foot Care

Summer’s almost here, and with warm weather comes more time spent outside! Between walks on the beach, time spent in the pool, and days traveling or road-tripping, summer can put a lot of stress on your feet. To ensure you keep your feet healthy and safe all summer long, we’ve put together this list of […]

Getting Rid of Bunions

Living with a bunion can not only be painful, but it can also disrupt much of your daily life. When the bones in the front part of your foot shift out of place, it creates a bony bump on your big toe joint. Walking, exercising, or wearing shoes may be more difficult with a bunion. […]

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