Getting the Lowdown on High Heels

Don’t worry – we’re not here to dissuade you from wearing high heels. We know how much you love them! How could you not? With such a rich and complex history, high heels are by far one of the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing types of footwear known to man (and woman). However these shoes are famous for causing pain and discomfort to the feet and ankles of their wearers. While many believe that beauty is painful, our team at Carrollton Foot Center says it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s our handy list of tips and tricks to make high heels more enjoyable to wear and safe for your feet and ankles.

Keep it short and sweet

This refers to both the amount of time you spend wearing high heels as well as the height your high heels might reach! Ideally, 2-3 inches are the most any person should wear if high heels are worn with regularity. The higher the heel the higher the impact on your feet and ankles, and therefore should be worn for lesser amounts of time.

Wear with caution and consideration

High heels were never meant to be worn for long periods of time. It’s also important to remember that you need to have frequent breaks while walking in heels. Avoid uneven surfaces and always make sure you have a backup pair of comfortable shoes ready for longer strolls!

Before and after is as important as in-between

Before you wear high heels, be sure your feet are ready. Protect trouble spots with insertable guards to cushion your feet and skin from irritation. Afterward treat yourself to a hot foot soak in Epsom salts, a foot massage, and wearing compression socks to bed – in that order!

Don’t let the reality of high heels get you low. There are ways to enjoy what you love when you prepare ahead of time and take care of yourself afterward! It wouldn’t hurt to make shockwave therapy treatments a regular occurrence to keep high heel pain and discomfort at bay. Ask Dr. Lilly Khavari at your next appointment in Carrollton, Texas for more information: (469) 998-3668.

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