Dear Patients, Families, and Friends

News of the novel 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused great concern. Here at Carrollton Foot Center,  we consider your health and safety a top priority.

As of now, we will provide our services as normal with the following considerations:

  1. If you are experiencing or have experienced within the last two weeks a cough, runny nose, or difficulty breathing, please call in to reschedule your appointment at 469 998 3668 (**please note that last-minute cancellation fees will not apply in these situations)
  2. If you or anyone in your family has traveled outside of the US and/or cruised in the last two weeks and/or been around someone possibly infected with the virus, please reschedule your appointment
  3. We are requesting only the patient enter the office, and encourage the parent/family member/friend(s) to stay in the car (this does NOT apply to minors)
  4. Our front office team will continue to check you in manually and will ask you to use our portal on your phone to complete your history and physical information
  5. Please use the hand sanitizer at our front desks upon your arrival and again upon leaving. In addition, we recommend you wash your hands in the exam room prior to leaving.
  6. The magazines and our coffee machine will be out of commission for the time being to limit contact on shared surfaces
  7. Our Physician and Medical Assistants will sadly no longer shake your hand when introducing themselves but will ALWAYS deliver exceptional care with a smile
  8. We are encouraging our team members to stay home if feeling ill and to do so for at least 24-48 hrs or longer depending on their signs and symptoms
  9. We are wiping down the door handles after each patient. We will wipe down counters, keyboards, office areas, and high touch surfaces continuously throughout the day
  10. Should you arrive in our office and begin to cough or sneeze we will kindly ask that you place a mask over your nose and mouth and wear gloves– understand that we may also reschedule your appointment
  11. We kindly ask that all reps limit their visits to our office at this time and consider calling the office with questions/concerns/product information
  12. We will be starting telemedicine visits for our qualified established patients starting 3.25.2020. You will receive information about this on your upcoming appointment reminder text message.
  13. Finally, we kindly ask that patients/visitors to our office not ask to take home gloves, masks, or hand sanitizer as we need to conserve these for our dedicated medical team especially in light of the recent shortages.
  14. We will be contacting our non-urgent patients and rescheduling them for a later visit in the upcoming weeks.

Carrollton Foot Center will continue to follow the recommendations from the CDC, state and local officials regarding COVID-19. We will also continue to follow the recommendations of our affiliated hospitals and surgical centers in regard to elective surgeries. We appreciate your understanding at this time. We ask that each and every one of you stay safe.

Further, to provide you means to obtain your podiatry focused products, we now offer option to purchase online and have products shipped home. Vist our store here.

Thank you for your patience, 

-Your Carrollton Foot Center Team

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