Summer Foot Care

Summer’s almost here, and with warm weather comes more time spent outside! Between walks on the beach, time spent in the pool, and days traveling or road-tripping, summer can put a lot of stress on your feet. To ensure you keep your feet healthy and safe all summer long, we’ve put together this list of three-foot care tips we encourage you to try! What are your summer plans?

Moisturize Your Feet

Dry skin is prone to cracking, flaking, and breaking, so moisturizing is important for preventing open foot sores, especially for older adults whose skin is typically drier. Apply foot lotion after your feet are thoroughly washed and dried. The lotion will help lock in moisture and help keep skin soft, supple, and summer ready. Make sure to dry between your toes and avoid applying lotion between them, as this can lead to an infection.

Clean Your Feet

Good foot hygiene is crucial in preventing fungal infections and finding any cuts, blisters, or ulcers that need immediate attention. For most, you can clean your feet during your daily shower. Seniors tend to have special needs, and their feet require extra attention. Many older adults may have mobility issues or arthritis. They may not be able to bathe independently without help, so their feet may only get washed occasionally during the week. They can regularly use simple foot wipe-downs with warm water, soap, and a washcloth outside of a shower.

Cut Your Nails

Keeping toenails trimmed is always an important step for foot care. It can cause pain or interfere with stable walking if they get overgrown. Make sure you cut the nail straight across, then use a nail file to soften sharp edges so the nail doesn’t grow into the flesh. Seniors who have trouble cutting their nails can ask their podiatrist for help!

Board-certified podiatrist Dr. Naghmeh Lilly Khavari is committed to helping her clients in Carrollton, TX. She offers a wide variety of treatments, from ingrown toenails to advanced surgical solutions. Contact Carrollton Foot Center’s office at 469-998-3668 to schedule an appointment today!

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