Summer Tips for Patients with Diabetes

Are you ready to stay steps ahead of your diabetes this summer? Dr. Naghmeh Lilly Khavari of the Carrollton Foot Center is here to help. There are ways to have fun in the sun while reducing your risk for complications from this condition. When packing your bags or planning for a summer day out, here are some helpful tips to consider:

Don’t skip your daily foot checks

Sticking to healthy habits year-round is one way to stay ahead of complications from diabetes. Inspect your feet each day and keep your doctor in the loop about any changes you may see. If you’re on vacation, set a reminder for your daily checks, or ask a travel partner to help with accountability. From new cuts and scratches to returning pain, it’s wise to share symptoms with your care team.

Stick to the plan

Are you attending a picnic or a family reunion? Choose your foods wisely. Stick to the food plan that has been working best for your health. Continue to monitor your blood sugar levels while you’re at events, and be prepared to make adjustments. Remember, leftovers are just as delicious. Portion control is a helpful habit to practice.

Keep your summer appointment

Whether you book your appointment before your vacation or when you return, don’t skip your regular visits with your podiatrist this summer. For patients with diabetes, timing is critical. Infections are a concern and can have dangerous complications, including amputations. So don’t forget to check your feet daily and include your podiatrist in your summer schedule this year. 

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