3 Top Tips to Keep Your Feet Safe at the Beach

Summer is here! What are your warm weather plans? A favorite for many is hitting the beach and enjoying the cool breeze, hot sun, and refreshing waves. But take care at the beach, because there are plenty of opportunities to injure your feet. Between hot pavement, walking barefoot in less than supportive footwear, and strong UV rays, pay attention to the care and health of your feet during your beach visit.

Keep your feet safe and injury-free this summer with our top tips!:

1-Do Not Forget Sunscreen

Feet can easily get sunburned! Look at how thin the skin is on your feet, and protect them with a sunscreen lotion containing adequate SPF. Keep feet safe from sunburn and long-term sun exposure effects like skin cancer. Apply sunscreen to the tops and bottoms of your feet for sufficient protection against UV rays. Reapply lotion regularly, like after being in the water or taking a walk.

2-Protect Your Feet

Going barefoot and sinking your toes in the sand might be relaxing and what you are used to doing. But the sand often hides seashells, broken glass, and other sharp objects that can easily cut or puncture your bare feet. If you don’t happen to notice your injury, harmful bacteria from the sand, pavement, and water will enter it and lead to an infection. Remember, sand, pavement, and sidewalks get hot in the sun. You can avoid burns, blisters, cuts, and wounds by wearing supportive, protective shoes at the beach.

3-Pay Attention

Listen to your feet! Summer is usually a time for increased activity, which may leave your feet feeling worn down or in pain. If participating in a game of volleyball, soccer, or any other physical activity while at the beach, take breaks, protect your feet, and treat any potential injuries immediately.

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The Beach and Your Feet

July is UV Safety Awareness Month, and it’s also beach season! Now is a great time for a refresher course on how the sun’s rays can impact the skin on your feet and ankles. Do you know your risk? According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, the risk of developing melanoma doubles if you have a history of five or more sunburns. Although some people are more prone to sunburn, anyone can get one. Protect your skin with sunscreen.

Dr. Naghmeh Lilly Khavari of the Carrollton Foot Center wants you to enjoy your beach time without bringing home a sunburn on your feet — or any other type of injury. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind during your next beach vacation.


Do you consider sunblock a must-have for your packing list? We do. Protecting your skin from the sun’s rays is extremely important for everyone. Choose sunblock that works best for you, as some people are more sensitive to particular ingredients. If you plan to play sports or spend a lot of time in the water, purchase sunscreen to help you stay safe in these scenarios.

Shoes and sandals

Hot sand and hot pavement can cause big ouches — especially if you’re walking without shoes. To protect your soles from burns, always wear shoes. Also, to protect your feet from sharp objects buried in the sand, wear shoes that offer enough protection. Flimsy flip-flops may not do the job.

Supplies for first-aid

Do you have bandages for a cut? If you needed to add compression to your ankle, could you find something in your suitcase or beach bag? We don’t often think about things that could go wrong while having fun. It’s always best to be prepared, though. Think of travel-sized items that could help you clean a wound and keep it covered.

There is so much to consider while planning for a beach trip. When you’re thinking about the safety of your feet, include these tips:

  • Carry contact information for a doctor
  • Some injuries require immediate attention; don’t wait until you return
  • Never ignore an injury; rest and schedule an appointment

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