Back-To-School Foot Care Tips

August is back-to-school month! Are you starting to prepare your kids for early mornings, homework, and fall sports? One of the best things you can do for your child’s health this school year is to start or continue prioritizing foot care.

Here are some easy ways to include healthy feet in your back-to-school prep and checklists:


Start Fresh with New Shoes and Socks

Back-to-school shopping can be costly. When you consider shopping for shoes and socks, it can be overwhelming. If there is one investment that we cannot underestimate, it is comfort and support for your children and their feet. Poor foot hygiene at a young age can lead to more problems in the future.

Bring Them for a Yearly Podiatry Appointment

Check with their podiatrist if your child is still healing from an ankle sprain from a summer sport. Ankle sprains are common injuries that can lead to prolonged symptoms, including weak ankles or arthritis. From blisters and bunions to ingrown toenails, now is the time to address foot issues. Schedule an appointment with your podiatrist today.

Discuss Healthy Foot Care Habits and Hygiene Tips

Does your child know that sharing shoes is not a good idea? Are they wearing shoes in the locker room if they play sports? There are key hygiene habits to share with your child before returning to school. From athlete’s foot to fungal toenails, sharing germs is an unfortunate part of sharing common spaces in school. But these can easily be prevented with some simple switches and reminders.


Board-certified podiatrist Dr. Naghmeh Lilly Khavari is committed to helping her clients in Carrollton, TX. She offers a wide variety of treatments, from ingrown toenails to advanced surgical solutions. Contact Carrollton Foot Center’s office at 469-998-3668 to schedule an appointment today!

Making Changes During Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month, and we’re zeroing in on common foot problems that affect the men and boys in our lives. We want to help them prioritize their foot health and learn how to act fast at the first indication of trouble. Today we’re going to talk about three common foot problems.

Dr. Naghmeh Lilly Khavari of the Carrollton Foot Center hopes to help increase awareness about podiatric problems and how to treat them efficiently. We hope you will use this post to guide you in conversation. If someone has never been to a podiatrist, it may take a while to understand the value of a foot and ankle specialist.

Take note of these three common foot problems for the men and boys in your life:

Fungal toenails

Not everyone is a fan of an at-home pedicure, but it doesn’t take away from the value of basic foot hygiene. Men and boys can often forget about toenail care. Their toenails can discolor, become brittle, or even be ingrown. Each of these issues is a warning sign of a problem.

  • Don’t walk barefoot in the gym or near the pool
  • Don’t ignore changes to your feet
  • Don’t share shoes with teammates or family members

Ingrown toenails

To the boys and men who are reading this post, do you rip, pull, or tear your toenails? We hope you are being more careful and using a pair of clean clippers instead.

  • Trim straight across during regular foot care sessions
  • Wear shoes with a roomy toe box
  • If the ingrown toenail cuts into the skin to create an open wound, visit a podiatrist

Foot pain

Are you ignoring the foot pain that has caused you to stop while walking, playing, or running? We’re here to remind you that foot pain is not normal. It’s OK to contact a doctor to seek treatment.

  • Explore options for custom orthotics
  • Take a closer look at your shoes
  • Learn about your family history and inherited foot structure

It should be all about men’s health year-round, but we hope this month is a start. We’re here to help.

Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Naghmeh Lilly Khavari, is here to help. She treats various conditions such as bunions, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis, and more. We also offer advanced surgical solutions. Our team provides excellent service to patients in Denton, Dallas, and Collins counties. Contact our office at (469) 998-3668 for your foot and ankle solutions. Our office is at 4221 Medical Parkway, STE 450, in Carrollton, TX.

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